A. CVS to launch ECH reach stacker - Транспорт

Italian manufacturer CVS SpA (Costruzione Veicoli Speciali) has released preliminary details of a new empty container handling reach stacker design, which it plans to launch later this year.

Designated Ferrari 148, the new machine will have a capacity of 8 tonnes in the first row and be capable of stacking 9ft 6in high containers up to 5-high. Second row capacity will be 4.5 tonnes/ 4-high. As the accompanying dia­gram shows, it will be fitted with a telescopic side spreader with 10+10 deg rotation.

Fitted with a Volvo TD 630 engine and Clark transmission, the Ferrari 148 will have a maximum travel speed of 27 km/hr. In com­mon with CVS’ laden container handling machines, the new de­sign will feature a Kessler front axle incorporating oil-cooled wet disc brakes. A sliding cab will be offered as an option.

According to CVS, initial or­ders for the new machine have been received from German rental company MVS as well as from a number of Far East customers. Series production is scheduled to start in April with the first deliv­eries in mid-year.


reach stacker – перегружатель контейнеров,


release – раскрывать

preliminary – предварительный

designate – называть; предназначать

ft = foot – фут

in = inch – дюйм

diagram – чертёж

fitted – оснащённый

side – бок, боковой

deg = degree – градус

engine – двигатель

travel – ходовой

km/h = kilometers per hour

in common – совместно

front – передний

axle – ось

oil-cooled – с масляным охлаждением

wet – увлажняемый

brake – тормоз

sliding – скользящий

option – выбор, право выбора

initial – первоначальный

rental – арендный

scheduled – запланированный по графику

mid = middle

CVS’ new ECH reach stacker will be available from the middle of this year

B. Hyster launches new reach stackers

Hyster has launched four new reach stackers designed and built by Hyster Europe in Nijmgen, Holland. There are two top han­dlers (CH suffix) and two “intermodal” machines (IH suf­fix) fitted with combi-attachments for handling swap bodies or trail­ers as well as containers.

The lightest machine is the RS 45-27 CH, with an SWL of 27 tonnes in the second row, followed by the RS 45-35 IH.The second row capacity of the RS 46-38/44S CH is 38 tonnes or 44 tonnes if the (optional) Hyster-designed stabilizers (denoted by ‘S’) are de­ployed, and 30 tonnes in the third row with stabilizers deployed.

Similarly the RS 46-35/40S IH offers extra capacity when fitted with the stabilizers – a mini­mum of 27 tonnes in the third row and between 32 and 36 tonnes at second, rail handling centres of 6m and 5m respectively.

Hyster Europe states that one of the first customers for the RS 45-27 CH model is Kenya Ports Authority, while the Port of Tyne in England has recently ordered an RS 46-38/44S CH with sta­bilizer.

Other customers include Celtic Freight in South Africa, ARR Craib Transport Ltd in Scotland, Kusters in Belgium, Hoffman in Germany and the Port of Goole in England.

Hyster has extended its range of top and combi-lift reach stackers


top – верх

handler – обработчик

suffix – индекс

combi – составной, комбинированный

attachment – приставка

swap – сменный

body – корпус

row – ряд

followed by – за ним следует

optional – пожеланию, по выбору

stabilizer – стабилизатор

denote – отмечать

respectively – соответственно

state – заявлять

extend – расширять

combi-lift – комбинированный подъёмник