A. Directions. Look at the picture and fill in the blanks with an appropriate preposition. - Финансы

More than one answer may be correct:

1. The room the piano is the living room.

2. The room the living room is the basement.

3. The man the piano is playing.

4. The woman the dining room is setting the table.

5. The small room the living room and dining room is the hall.

6. The lamp the bed is for reading.

7. The room the top of the house is attic.

8. The furniture the attic is not being used.

9. The room the dining room is the kitchen.

10. The small room the kitchen is the bathroom.

11. All the people are going to eat.

b. Give a description of the house on the picture

Ex. 11. Put in relative pronouns where necessary (who, who(m), which, that, whose).

This Charming Property ...

People who tell the truth about the properties they are selling should be given prizes

for honesty. A house ........... is described as 'spacious' will be found to be too large.

Words like 'enchanting', "delightful", 'convenient', 'attractive', ...... are commonly

used, all mean "small". The words 'small' and 'picturesque',... are notso frequently

used, both mean "too small". A picturesque house' is one with a bedroom ..... is

100 small 10 put a bed in and a kitchen........ is too small to boil an egg in. My prize

for honesty goes to someone ........... recently described a house ............. he was

selling in the following way: This house ........ is situated in a very rough area of

London is really in need of repair. The house ........ has a terrible lounge and a tiny

dining room also has three miserable bedrooms and a bathroom .. is fitted with

a leaky shower. The central heating ......... is expensive to run is unreliable. There is

a handkerchief-sized garden .............. is overgrown with weeds. The neighbours

............... are generally unfriendly are not likely to welcome you. This property

is definitely not recommended is ridiculously overpriced at £85,000


Renting a Room

- Have you a room to let?

- Yes, sir. What room do you want? A double-bedded room or a single?

- I want a furnished living-room on the ground floor with boarding and attendance.

- How long will you require it?

- I intend to stay about two months. Will you show me what rooms you have?

- Certainly. Will you come this way, please?

- I like the room. It's tidy and comfortable.

- The room is furnished and carpeted all over as you see. Here is a wardrobe were

you can hang your clothes.

- I need a desk to work at. And I'd like to have my boots cleaned every morning.

- Yes, sir.

- And my breakfast must be ready at eight sharp. What will the price be, including

full board and attendance?

- How will you take the room, by the week or by the month9

- Does it make any difference?

- It does, sir. If you take it for two months, you can have it for 60 pounds a

month. If you take it by the week, you'll be charged much more, sir.

- All right. I'll take it for two months. By the way, where does this door lead?

- To the street, sir.


to require — (зд) требовать (-ся), нуждаться

Looking for an Apartment

Murphy: "Oceanfront" Realty. Bob Murphy speaking

Collins: Hello. My name is Jack Collins. I'm calling about the ad.

Murphy: Which one?

Collins: The two-bedroom apartment. How much is the rent?

Murphy: $700 a month. You also have to pay a 700 dollar deposit that will be

given back to you when you move out.

Collins: How much does your agency charge?

Murphy: The agency's fee amounts to one month-rent.

Collins: Is there a lease to be signed?

Murphy: Yes, there is. It's a two-year lease.

Collins: It was not in your ad where the apartment is.

Murphy: Downtown. Park Avenue, 79. Apt. ЗА.

Collins: Oh, I like the place. But unfortunately the rent is rather high.

Murphy: You won't find anything cheaper in this neighborhood.

Collins: I'm afraid, you're right. I'll think it over. Thank you.

Murphy: You are welcome.

Collins: Good-bye